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Meet Beyah

CHOP Ambassador

Beyah was born in May 2015 in CHOP’s Garbose Family Special Delivery Unit —diagnosed with an interrupted aortic arch, a rare and serious heart defect. Just a few days later, she had open-heart surgery to repair her heart defect.

“It was a breakthrough moment,” Phoebe Kaufman- Beyah’s mother said. “Life was put back into me.”

Now 4, Beyah loves dancing, singing and playing outside (as well as teasing her older sisters)! She’s growing and developing just like other kids her age.

The Kaufman family regularly visits CHOP and the Cardiac Kids Developmental Follow-Up Program.

Beyah’s parents are deeply grateful to the team at CHOP for giving them hope — and for giving their daughter a chance at a healthy, happy life.