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Meet Gabriel

Gabriel DaCosta - CHOP VIPGabriel was a teeny, tiny 1.9 pounds when he was born 13 weeks early. His prematurity left him with cerebral palsy — and gave him a second family: The team at the Cerebral Palsy Program at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).

For 18 years, Gabriel has benefited from the multidisciplinary Cerebral Palsy Clinic, which brings together specialists, from rehabilitation medicine, orthopaedics, developmental pediatrics and occupational, physical and speech therapy in one location all in one day.

“At the CP clinic, we wait in one exam room and all the specialists rotate in to see Gabe. Whoever Gabe needs to see, they come in. They share information, piggy-backing off each other. They ask us what we think the goals should be and pull together a care plan that’s best for Gabe. Then they share the plan with his specialists in GI and Pulmonology, so everyone is on the same page.”

It’s that family-focused, personalized, comprehensive and convenient care that makes CHOP stand out. Donations to Children’s Miracle Network flow to CHOP and help make the type of care Gabriel receives possible.